Easy tweaks to create a contemporary living space

No matter how much you loved the way your living space looked when you last redecorated, it inevitably starts to look tired and dated after a while. The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take lots of time to give your place a lift. So, if you are looking for some ideas for simple ways to create a fresh and modern look in your main living area read on for inspiration.

Throw some light onto things

If you are still relying on floral standard lamps with tassels and fringes you’ll be amazed how modern a couple of strategically placed wall lamps or uplighters will make your space look. You could also think about adding dimmer switches, creating instant flexibility as your lights can be altered to suit all occasions.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Cast a critical eye over your sofa and chairs. Are they faded, saggy, worn in places or hindered by a pattern that screams dated? If so, start looking around for possible replacements, and don’t forget to check local freebie or selling sites as you can find some modern bargains. Could this be a good time to downsize from a 3-seater to a smaller 2-person loveseat, or to a couple of cuddle chairs? Would a sofa bed be more practical? Or perhaps a corner sofa would make the best use of your space.

Look down

Floor covers get a lot of wear, and keeping carpets or bare floors clean can be a constant battle. Switching to good-quality grey laminate flooring from a company such as https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring/grey.html means you get a fresh, warm and neutral look that is easy to maintain and that will last for years to come.

Create flow

It may sound drastic but removing internal doors is a simple enough job, and it can really open up smaller spaces and make them feel much roomier. This is also a lot easier and cheaper than knocking through to create one or more larger areas.

Add a few small things

Adding a few bits and pieces such as cushions, throws, pictures or rugs is a really easy way to create a modern, exciting and welcoming vibe. For maximum effect, decide on an overall theme or colour range so that the final look is coherent rather than distracting.