Introducing, Microsoft Office 2013 T5D – 01575 – Home and Business Product Key Card

The all new Microsoft Office 2013 will provide you an access from anywhere virtually to your Office applications, email, calendar, video conferencing, and also the most up-to-date documents. You can have an easy access to all of these using your devices like your personal computers, smartphones or tablets. This is perfect for your home, school or the office.

This new innovation can increase your daily productivity since you will be able to access your documents anywhere. This will ensure you that your documents are all up to date. This is compatible with your PC or laptop, smartphones or even your tablets. This is your chance to experience the most powerful Office for Windows.

Benefits of the Office 2013

With the new Microsoft Office 2013 t5d-01575, you will benefit from smarter applications. It is time-saving with new ways to create, read, share and connect. It is also cloud-connected. You just have to sign in to your Office account and access the documents and settings needed across multiple devices. It is also optimized for touch. You can experience Office at its finest on Windows 8 devices, which is optimized for touch.

Included in the Full Version: Word 2013, Excel 2013, PowerPoint 2013, OneNote 2013 and Outlook 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 Specifications

The new Office 2013 t5d-01575 has a 3GB hard drive space. Its operating system is Windows 8, Windows 7, Server 2012, or Server 2008 R2. It has a 1GHz processor speed and x86 or x64 with SSE2 processor type. It also comes with a 1GB or 2GB for 64-bit RAM. The graphics are impressive with the 1024×576 resolution with Directx 10 and 64MB video memory.  It is compatible with the browser Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Firefox 10.x or higher, Safari 5, and Chrome 17.x or higher. Other specifications are its internet connection and .NET Framework 3.5, 4.0, or 4.5.

What Others Think About the New Microsoft 2013 T5D-01575

“Office Home & Business 2013 is designed to help create, organize, and present quickly, with time-saving features & a clean, modern look. Furthermore, you can save your documents in the cloud on OneDrive & access files on the go.” – September 29, 2016, by, Ashley (NY, United States)

Microsoft Office 2013 is a great purchase. It has received numerous positive feedback from its customers. If you check online, this is highly recommended especially for individuals who are always on the go and would need to access their files using different devices.