5 Questions To Ask When Choosing Drug Rehab

Ten years ago the official figure for admission to drug rehab was set at 1.8 million people. This figure has grown over the years; it is now estimated to be in excess of 5 million people in drug rehab programs and over 20 million US citizens with an addiction.

These are frightening figures; made worse by the fact that addiction is becoming more acceptable as celebrities admit they have experienced or are experiencing it.

If you think you are in need of drug rehab then you should ask a prospective clinic the following 5 questions. Remember, the aim is not just to be drug free, but to stay that way after you have finished your stint in drug rehab.

  1. What is the Length of the Program?

The average length of a drug rehab program is 28 days. This may seem like a long time but in reality it may fall far short of what you need.

Everyone is different, your level of addiction and the length of time you have been addicted will influence the time it takes you to recover. But, drug rehab should be about more than just getting you off the drug.

You need time to discuss what caused you to turn to drugs. You also need to assess and work on the physical and emotional damage which has occurred thanks to your dependence on drug.

The best drug rehab clinics will offer much longer programs or even open-ended ones; allowing you to take the time you need to recover properly.

  1. Do They Offer Drug Replacement Therapy

Drug replacement therapy removes your addiction to one drug instantly by providing you with a substitute. The idea is that your dose will be slowly lowered to remove the addiction completely.

Unfortunately, in many cases drug replacement therapy can lead to an addiction to the replacement drug.

Having the option to go without drugs and deal with the cravings is essential to ensure that you successfully complete drug rehab and start your life again.

  1. Can You Learn About Nutrition While On the Program?

One of the best ways to reduce the effects of cravings is to eat a balanced, nutritionally rich diet. This can also help after you have left the drug rehab clinic.

If your clinic offers a nutritious diet and an education regarding the right foods to eat then it is working hard to ensure you are not only drug free, but able to stay off the drugs in the future.

  1. What Life Skills Are Taught?

Life skills are those which will enable you to look after yourself properly after you have left the clinic. They can also help you to improve your life, obtain a good job and even move away from the area; ready to start again.

Drug rehab clinics which offer life skills development are dedicated to helping you overcome your addiction for life. Always choose a program with this benefit included.

  1. Do The Promises Seem Plausible?

Finally, if the promises made by the drug rehab clinic seem implausible then you should walk away. There are plenty of other clinics to try. It is simply not possible for a clinic to guarantee your success or to pronounce you will be ‘cured’ in 10 days.

Remember: Drug rehab clinics will help you to get over the addiction, but staying clean is a lifetime commitment.