A Day On the Road With Your Car

A Day On the Road With Your Car

If you are looking to buy a new car, call Jackson Motor Company, a new & used car dealer in Australia. At JMC, we stock a wide range of vehicles of major brands. The brands we deal with include Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, and Ford. You can choose a hatchback, sedan, SMU, or convertible. is a Tasmanian-owned company that offers a network of automotive dealership all over the country. We are not only into car dealership, but also into car service, finance, insurance, and spare parts. Select the model, make, and the nearest dealer to your place, and we will make your new vehicle purchasea smooth journey. More importantly, from the drop down menu select the minimum and maximum budget. Click on the image of the vehicle to see the current price. We are located in major places such as Launceston, Davenport, Hobart City, Burnie and Cooee, and Derwent Park. At JMC, we take pride in providing excellent service and help you own the vehicle that is just right for you.

Advantages of Purchasing Your Car From Jackson Motor Company

Here are the following reasons why you should purchase from us:

  • You can purchase from any place in Australia. We assure fast and cost-effective transportation.
  • We trade from any place in Australia.
  • We offer in-house finance and insurance.
  • We ensure convenient delivery.
  • Our staffs are qualified and experienced.
  • There’s 12-month complimentary roadside assistance.

A Day On the Road With Your Car

Things to Check Before Buying a Car

  • Check the authenticity of the car information you want to buy
  • Check how old the car is
  • Check if there is any case on the owner of the car
  • Check the number of times the ownership of the car has been changed
  • Check if the car is under any loan
  • Check with the car dealer as to how free services will be there

JMC and its Communities

JMC is an active participant and supporter of its local communities. Our staffs align ourselves with companies that share our values, and develop lasting association, for the benefits of all our Tasmanians. Our company sponsors sporting, cultural & vocational activities, and events such as Blue Derby Mountain Bike, Trails, annual Black Dog Rides, and the Taste of Tasmania. To start the journey of your partnership with the Jackson Motor Company, please send an email to marketing@jmc.au. We will respond in 2-3 weeks.

So, call JMC, one of the largest new & used car dealers in Australia and ask for a demo drive to make certain that the car you choose meets all your preferences.You can also be a lucky winner of attractive prizes.