Compare and Contrast Lost and Alone with Bully

bully anniversary edition

Lost and alone is an adventure game which is developed, maintained and marketed by Midnight Adventures LLC. Lost and Alone is an adventure and mystery game with a different storyline and plot and helps the player to embark on a mission and explore and discover different and unusual endings, strange secrets and puzzles which are enigmatic and conundrum.

The total size of the application is 69MB and lets the user to have in-app purchases to unlock new feature, new props and new levels, and has an average rating of 4 and there has been 5,00,000 downloads and most of the users reviewed it as being a game having many lags and major bugs and some of the users didn’t understand it all whereas bully anniversary edition is developed maintained and marketed by Rockstar Games which is already a renowned and distinguished company known for developing high end and quality video games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, etc. and the game has an average rating of 4.6 and there has been 1,00,000 downloads and the size of the application is 2GB and it requires $7 to be paid in order to purchase the game.

bully anniversary edition

Features of the Adventurous Online Game

In Bully Anniversary Edition the game features an exciting and challenging story of a teenage boy Jimmy Hopkins who is thrown many challenges and obstacles in his way to do the right thing. He has to face corrupt, deceitful and untrustworthy people and their malpractices, battle against the bad people and win against the dodgeball enthusiasts who are known for their rude behavior and negative attitude. Bully anniversary edition implemented an exciting system of tasks, which include participation in disassembly with other students, attending classes, the execution of punishments from teachers for absenteeism and pranks Jimmy Hopkins also need to win his girl and actually live through a whole year of sometimes exciting and sometimes distressing situations.

A feature of the gameplay is also a clear binding of tasks to the time. There are always clocks in the corner for tracking the time which is especially important after the call-off.