Covering a house with a Stretch Ceiling to add value to it

Too many cracks that keep reappearing, no space to fit your dream light fittings, or even the dreaded popcorn ceiling? It might be time to consider installing a stretch ceiling. There are multiple benefits to having a stretch ceiling one of which being it will be adding value to your house. This means it could potentially be a good idea if you are considering selling your house soon. It would mean that you wouldn’t need to be worried about getting a good price and means you can focus on the other important factors of selling a house. One of these other factors is ensuring you get a conveyancer. These are the people that manage the legal process of the house changing ownershipThere are many companies of conveyancers in the UK to choose from. The Conveyancing solicitors London company called is an example of one of those you can choose.

What Is a Stretch Ceiling?

A stretch ceiling is made of a non-flammable PVC material which is tightened by a heat treatment and fitted to a specifically designed track system around the edge of your room. As Home-Dzine states, they look great and are easy to install. There are many practical advantages to installing a stretch ceiling: for example, you’d never need to paint your ceiling again, and they never crack or stain.

Stretch ceilings come in a variety of colours, and many companies can custom print any kinds of designs onto the material. With brightly painted ceilings becoming fashionable, you could be even more on trend with a graphic printed stretch ceiling.

Popcorn and Artex Ceilings

Stucco or popcorn ceilings were popular between the 1950s and 1980s, but now they have fallen out of fashion. The same has happened with Artex ceilings, however, you should be careful before you just assume you can scrape these ceiling coatings off.

According to The Guardian UK homes have a one in two chance of harbouring asbestos, and ceiling coatings are big culprits in this. A stretch ceiling could hide these unsightly features while preventing the release of asbestos into your home.

Leaks and Stains

If you live in an old house with a leaking roof that you can’t control, a stretch ceiling might be the ideal solution. Not only do they not stain from these kinds of water marks, they also contain leaks. With a large volume of water, stretch ceilings will sag, but they will never break, and specialist stretch ceiling manufacturers will send a technician to drain the water.

As long as the water hasn’t been sitting in the ceiling material for a long period of time, the ceiling panel won’t even need to be replaced – the heat treatment can simply be repeated and the material will transform back to its original shape and tautness.

PVC Stretch Material provides trademark standard construction finish and is obtainable in various widths as well as roll lengths as asked by the customers. At a greater distance, it is lightweight stretch material and offers for enduring service usage. Some of its characteristics comprise of supports with standing tension of 185kg per square meter; accessible in many color options; easy smooth interior outcomes; permits for suitable set up; favourable for each sort of construction structure and others.