Don’t lose money out of your windows and doors

We have all seen the adverts and probably received cold calls from companies telling us that they can reduce the amount of money that we pay on our energy bills. But in reality, there are things we can do around the house to help save us money in the long run without having to keep switching our energy provider.

  • Ensure all of your windows are up to scratch and are at least double glazed. A quick search on the internet ands you will find Cheltenham double glazing windows companies that can help you.  Double glazing helps to warm your house in the winter by keeping the warmth in and also helps to cool your house during the summer months. It is also important to ensure that the seals around your windows are in good condition as again this will stop heat escaping and draughts entering your home.
  • Insulate your roof – making sure that your loft/roof has appropriate insulation again will stop heat from escaping through the roof and just like the windows it will help to keep the house a comfortable temperature in both winter and summer months.

  • Unplug your electronic devices when you aren’t using them. One of the biggest drains on our electricity consumption is devices like televisions, computers and microwaves being left in standby mode where they are still using energy. Switch off all the appliances you can when they are not actively in use.
  • Look at the ratings of your appliances. White goods and appliances with A ratings are more energy efficient that those with C or below. It is important that when you are looking at star ratings that you look at the size of the appliance as this will also increase the energy usage.

  • Harvest rainwater. Where possible you should install water butts to the down pipes of your guttering. This way you can harness the water that is collected on rainy days and use this to water your garden rather than taking water form the tap. This will help to reduce your water consumption in the summer months.

  • Keeping cool. If you find in the summer that your house is hot, then it is worthwhile investing in ceiling fans rather than air conditioning as although these still use electricity they are less harmful to the environment.

So, there are a few ideas on how you can save on the amount of energy you use and hopefully reduce you energy bills in the process.a