Earn money by becoming the IPTV Reseller

IPTV Reseller

It is possible to create our own IPTV Company. You will get your own panel, which is installed, for managing your unlimited customers. Just start reselling the iptv packages to the customers and then you will be able to start managing your sales and members easily. The user interface is very simple and unique.

The credit system is, for one credit for the 1-month official line with one connection for your own customer.

Deduct whenever you will select and create the line the credits will be from your initial balance. When all your prepaid credits would be get finished then you will able to choose, the package and you will be able to top up your panel.

IPTV Company

Working of IPTV Panel

After becoming the reseller, you will have to buy the credits and have to load to the reseller panel. Minimum top up is 80 Euro. You have to keep in mind that 1 credit = 1 month.

Adding Credits

When you want to add credits into the reseller account then simply you have to buy minimum 80 euro and this will be automatically charge into the account.

Making Money

Just buy a panel for reseller and then advertise the service to the neighbors, and family.

When you are buying the reseller account first time then you will have to credits in the panel. After that, the reseller will start creating the lines. Whenever your credit will get low, you have to recharge that and always have to keep the work on.

Becoming Reseller

After becoming reseller within 5 minutes, you will be able to start selling. If you like, the service and you also know some people to whom you would like to try then become the reseller. Only Panel and credits I required for becoming the reseller. In order to use these customers should have the high-speed internet and the device.

So just try it once and you can make the money very easily. Various customers out there are earning a lot from this. There is not more investment needed for starting this.