Enhancing your cognitive skills with online video games

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Cognitive skills are very important in the development of each person. This refers to the ability to gain meaning and knowledge of each experience and the information to which it is exposed. But more than just acquiring meaning and knowledge, a person should be able to think, process, act and apply new information based on those that he has learned.

Although video games have always been viewed in a contradictory light, some of them are useful for human cognitive development. Moving away from such contradictions as death and addiction to video games, we consider them as means for the development of human cognitive abilities.

Accelerated games in the genre of action, strategy and first-person shooter are just a few genres that can really help in the development of the cognitive sphere of a person. These games are more than just action, drama, graphics and effects due to lol boosting. They have something to offer, unless people criticize them too much.

What kind of cognitive skills develop when playing video games?

– Creative thinking: more than just creating an attractive and powerful avatar or changing the game environment in accordance with the tastes of the players, creative thinking can be taken to a new level. Modifying or modifying computer games is a well-known practice that allows a player to use their imagination and skills. Modder can freely add new content to the game, create a completely different game in the game, and even create solutions for the game.

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– Logical thinking: this is not just hacking codes or revealing secrets at a certain level in the game, there are those that require the player to make their own challenges, develop their own strategies and fulfill their smart decisions. A strategic game, for example, encourages players to formulate their logical conclusions for success. The player can develop a more critical way of thinking, since logic is represented at each level of the subject area.

– Pattern recognition through complex ideas: pattern recognition is taught in preschool. But later, when the mind develops and matures, the ideas become more complex and deeper, and the learning experience also develops and strengthens. Pattern recognition is presented in games in a more complex way, which the player must distinguish with sufficient practice and careful evaluation. There are no patterns in games that can be distinguished by simply looking at them. This requires more than just looking, but disassembling and carefully assembling the pieces completely.

– Experience: the first stages of a video game will give only basic knowledge. With constant play and leveling up in the game, the player can develop experience or dominance. Basic knowledge of the game is easy to obtain, but in order to become an expert, you must be able to automatically and immediately complete the task in the game with minimal effort on the part of the player.