Full Explanation About The Currency Of Exchange Of 1 BTC To USD

1 BTC to USD

The exchange rate between cryptocurrency is very high compared to the normal currencies or the official currencies of the countries. The value of 1 btc to usd equals 7,138 USD which really shows everyone how valuable these currencies are. The cryptocurrency like bitcoin needs to be mined and not issued by any government. The demand for this cryptocurrency is very high compared to the supply of this currency in the market. Also the benefits of having a cryptocurrency give rise to a lot of people demanding it.

History Of The Exchange Rate

In the year 2017, the exchange rate of this was used to be $19,783 dollar for one bitcoin, after a few days the exchange rate falls down to a value of $13,800, in the year 2018 it fell more and came down to $6,200.  Now in the present when this article is being written the value is $7,138 in approximate numbers. The history clearly States the ups and downs of exchange rate 1 btc to usd but still always the value of bitcoin is high because of high demand and less supply. The process of mining does not allow so much supply in the market. You need to be very patients and opportunist to get the best exchange rate if you want an exchange bitcoins for us dollar or vice verse. To make sure you get the best exchange rate just keep an eye always on the stats and regular updates about the market and other factors to find the best exchange rate.