Get the most out of iSeries Cloud

It is sad to know that there are still many companies that do not make the most out of iSeries Cloud. The technology is considered as just another legacy system but in reality, it has much more. As technology professionals, it is important to stay current in the technology and sometimes ahead of the technology.

For example, let us assume that you buy an expensive item for your personal use. Will you do some research to find the ‘best’ to make a well-informed decision? Or just pick any item in random? Well researched and well-informed decision will be your choice. Likewise, it is important to understand the benefits of the cloud service you choose and ensure it is positioned for future growth.

Break the myths

Cloud servers are not expensive! There is a common misconception that using cloud computing is expensive but they aren’t!  There are cost competitive services available in the market and choosing them based on the need for your business is highly essential. Secondly, they believe that it’s not scalable which is a myth! Cloud servers are scalable and it is important to read the specification before migrating complicated applications. Once you break the myth, you can get ready for IT transformation.

It’ a bright future for cloud technology

Cloud systems are highly powerful as they are cost-efficiently, scalable, available 24/7 and are highly reliable. It is easy to implement a cloud system in the existing business with the help of proper planning and technical support. Once you know the functionality of the system, you will get adapted to the system finally.

iSeries cloudsupports XML files and it has additional benefits like geographic mirroring, virtualization enhancements, storage management, software development enhancements, high encryption, data security and much more. This cloud computing system is used for critical-tasks, high volume data management which require extreme reliability. The IBM architecture is increasingly popular for itsa wide range of solution. Ultimately at a certain point, it is better than the traditional systems.

Why iSeries technology is used?

Performance and Reliability

When it comes to a business environment, it is important that the performance of the business is reliable. In order to be a consistent topper, the businesses use cloud system that offers high performance and reliable solution. They are extremely powerful and their performance is unmatchable with other solutions available in the market.

A wide range of features and highly secured

This system is preferred for the wide range of features it allows. From data migration to support, this cloud system is easy to use and highly secure. There are multiple security methods that help in data protection. From inexpensive entry-level systems to high performing systems, there isasolution for every business. Customizable security feature makes it even more dependable.

Cost-effective and a complete system

They are a cost-effective system which has a lot of features. The performance of this system is highly countable and moving away from this system will not give you any benefits. Analyze and find more about this system before you start using them.