Golf club – Healthy new age entertainment

monroe country club ny

Golf is game played with the use of club and ball in a wide space. This space is called as golf course. Golf courses are available around everywhere in these days. When you want have your official meeting or any deal cracking, mostly people prefer setting in these golf course. People fix their tee time to originate the gaming activity. Tee time is the time you fix to play golf.

How does the golf played?

Golf is played in a group of 2 or single. Here the golf course may have 18 holes or 9 holes according to their ground size. When you are about to play, you can start with 14 clubs and balls. Clubs should not exceed from 14 and each club should be of same size. To start playing ball is kept on tee (a small wooden peg) and you need to target the ball with club to get into the hole. Each shot you take to hit the hole is calculated to count your score. The less your shots are the more score you earn.

monroe country club ny

At every holes start, you will have a tee to start. From that you can use tee if needed. Mostly tee helps you in targeting long shots. From every hole you have to face many barriers in form of water, hazards, out of boundary and so on. Calculating all these facts you need take a shot. When you make your wrong shot, you will have penalty of minus shot or to start from previous spot.

Where to locate fine golf course?

There are various golf courses everywhere. In new York, you have plenty of golf course options. Among those, monroe country club ny is the best spot to enjoy gaming. This is best spot for golf gaming and also it can be suitable location for destination wedding. This golf course can be booked in an affordable rate. It is a must play golf course for every player. Here, you can have tournament matches for golf with other players. Just register and get into tee time to play golf as a professional golfer.