Grow Your Own Food And Enjoy The Process

Many people have this hobby of gardening and planting different types of flowers to make their surroundings look beautiful. When the environment looks beautiful, the people living there also feel pleasant and comfortable.

And gardening is one such hobby that helps people heal, meditate, and empowers patients and self-actualization. It brings joy and pleasure when one sees a plant grow old with its nurture and in the presence of nature. The idea of building a plant is not merely a hobby but an image that when the plant grows old, the grandchildren will see and will build a treehouse and make something of their existence.

Growing food particles is the job of a farmer, and anyone can grow a plant in their house if they have land that is enriched enough to grow any vegetables. Growing vegetables in the house itself are beneficial in every what so ever way.

Benefits of growing food

  • Saves money

One planting a tree of some fruit or plant vegetable seeds, the initial cost will be there, but it will save a lot more than the future expenses. This is because saying potato; onion comes from a land far far away the middlemen say the brokers, retailers from the wholesaler includes all the traveling cost on that vegetable, and if it takes 2 rupees to grow a vegetable when it is sold to the buyer the cost will increase to 20 rupees. So by planting, one will save 18 rupees for a potato every month.

  • Eco friendly

The way pollution is increasing, and nature is dying day afterday, that time is not too far where people might die out of no nature air and oxygen to breathe. To keep nature alive, one must plant a tree or any other plant for themselves and the upcoming generation.

  • Healthy

To grow a given amount of vegetables, farmers use pesticides and other chemicals that unnaturally help growvegetables quickly and easily. This reaches the demand and supply, but it affects individuals who are consuming it. If one grows a plant without using chemicals or pesticides, food is more safe and healthy to take in.

Growing your grouds is beneficialin many ways; it helps the soul heal; it makes one feel pleasant and is considered one of the best ways of passing the time and helping nature.