Guidelines while applying for isitor Visas in Canada

Canada is a place where so many people actually come for better job opportunities. With new chances coming across for foreigners, there are so many people who are looking for visa that needs to be applied to that country. Canada is considered to be hub for all those visitors who look forward for better growth and settlement. The country each year has got many opportunities to offer that also includes along with working visa, visa for friends and family. If you wish to visit Canada for any kind of temporary reasons like going on a vacation or visiting friends then you require a temporary visa. Remember, for each country resident, the process to apply visa will vary.

Know more about the Temporary Resident visa:

As said, while applying for a visit Canada visa, rules for each country will vary. That is why, when you are applying for a temporary resident visa, you first need to understand about the eligibility criteria and rules and regulations associated with it.  In visa industry, Temporary resident is also called as the TRV and is said to be filed with the form called Form IMM 5257. Generally individuals who wish to apply for such type of form needs to visit Canada on temporary purpose such as tourism, or visiting friends or family.

Primary Documents that you Need to Submit with TRV Forms

If you wish to know about the documentation, of course experts will guide you well about it. Furthermore, it is important for you to understand certain process associated with it. In short, some of the obligatory documentation that you need must be well verified and approved by the higher authority. It must be original, well readable and worth submitting. Such type of documents is needed to show how to apply for TRV. Remember, every case of immigration can depend on the criteria or the situation for which you are applying. However, the common documentation that is needed for the application of such type of visa are:

  • The proof that states you are resident of the country from where you are applying
  • The proof of the finds that states you are eligible to afford your stay in Canada
  • You need to also submit your ID proof such as Passport which can work as the resent card proof
  • While you are going on a tourism or work purpose, you must have an invitation from the person who is planning to invite you
  • You need to also show them the proof that you will be staying in Canada on Short term basis

You need to keep a note that documents mentioned above are some of the most common ones that are generally asked. Be you are the visitor visa Canada from India or from other country, you need to have such type of documents ready. Furthermore, experts or officials may also ask you some other details that can be the part of the process. Such type of visa cannot be obtained at the time of arrival. That is why, it is important that you prepare yourself for the whole process.