Gun safes: the types of locks.

vehicle gun safe

Storing firearms in a high-security safe is the most important thing any responsible gun owner can do.  Proper storage in safes prevents guns from being stolen, or improperly handled by children or other unskilled adults. There are many cases of death being reported nowadays due to the misuse of these firearms, and it is the unfortunate truth that many of these untimely deaths could have been avoided had the gun been properly stored.

The best way to store your firearm is to use a good quality vehicle gun safe that will offer you safe storage for your firearm and a quick access in an emergency. Picking the right vehicle gun safe is not an easy job because you have to pick the one that fits into the interior of your vehicle perfectly. A much important thing to consider is the type of lock the vehicle gun safe uses:

Electronic lock- An Electronic lock is essentially a plastic/metal pad where a predetermined code is entered. Once entered it releases the internal lock and allows for the handle to be turned, retracting the bolts to allow access to the safe. Because of the quick access of an electronic lock, it is recommended for people that use their safe to contain their self-protection weapons, or for people that regularly need to access their safe.

vehicle gun safe

 Mechanical- Due to the lack of any electronic components, the mechanical lock is known for its reliability and longevity. Much like the electronic lock, it is recommended to purchase one that has a name brand on it, however, knock off mechanical locks are far and few in between and aren’t much of an issue.

There are many other lock options for a vehicle gun safe, but these tend to be much less used. Biometric Locks, that tend to use the fingerprint is a great option, but are less reliable than the electronic. Key locks are also used widely as a backup option.

Having listed these, if you are interested to know the pros and cons of various vehicle gun safes available currently in the market, visit us!