How you can nourish your business in 2018?


When you are operating an online business, information technology security is a crucial tool to keep current. It is vital to protect your livelihood and your investment against hackers who can steal, not only your business information, but that of your customers. You must keep your information safe from viruses that could harm your system and bring your business to a halt. It is not to say that this a guaranteed way to protect your system from being hacked, but using some form of security measures helps. Don’t be put in a position where hackers could interrupt your life and business.

Security Options

Here are a few 2018 security options that IT and security specialists recommend for business owners to protect their systems and in turn their bottomline.

  1. Encryption

A wise investment to keep your online business more secure is the best in encryption software. Encryption software is designed to protect your customers’ financial data. You may already have this protection, which is great, because major credit card companies won’t due business with you unless they know that you are using data encryption option to protect people. Encryption software can be a little expensive, but yes, it is needed.

But what if you are a start-up company and you don’t necessarily have the finances to take advantage of this option? You can work with an outsource payment processing service. Software for encryption purposes is also designed to protect your company’s internal data, like your financial accounts, product details, personnel files, and more. Encryption software can defend against a hacker who is trying to get into your system because the software is so expertly designed to keep hackers from cracking your data.

  1. Upgrade

When you are notified that an upgrade is available for your operating system, take advantage of it immediately. These upgrades contain security emends that contain patches to block spam, spyware and anti-virus software that can slow down hackers. Hackers are always looking for systems that have not been upgraded – don’t let it be your business.

  1. Change Defaults

At the top of every security experts’ to-do list is to change default passwords or numbered accounts that accompanies all computer systems straight from the manufacturer. When your IT expert installs your computer system, to keep your online business safe, have them change the original settings and replace it with your own security information. This is a common issue that is often overlooked, but an action that should be taken to protect your system’s data.

  1. Too Many Hands Spoil the Soup

Not that you don’t trust your employees, but you should limit access to sensitive information to only key personnel who need to work with its data information. If your online business requires remote access, then apply different levels of security like adding additional passwords or a numbered system that will change automatically in order to gain access. There are software programs that can quickly detect certain unauthorized patterns that will send you an alert.

Security Consultant Services

Taking these types of security measures could require a security consultant to make sure that you are fully protected. A security consultant will guide you through the top protection technology. A security consultant can help you meet any changes in your business without having to stop and update your security information because a staff person left the business. Instead, a security consultant allows you to focus on your bottom line without worrying about hackers or other types of system threats.

When you think about it, how great would it be to have a security consultant service take the worries out of your hands. A full-service security consultant can monitor your site or even customize a system for your business to keep you protected so that all you need to do is plan for directing more traffic to your site.

Insurance Protection

Another great security plan involves the type of insurance you have for your online business. Coverage for your computer, liability, and data insurance helps to make sure that your business and its data are protected. This type of coverage protects against third party claims and costly compensation. For liability insurance for your business contactYoui insurance to remain safe.


Cyber security is now a professional criminal enterprise with your data and records at risk. With these new threats, it is important to have the right security solutions that are reliable because your business life is on the line. The average cost from a U.S. internet breach is about $6.5 million and has increased by 11% from a couple of years ago.

When a computer threat occurs, the disadvantages not only include the loss of data, but the loss of business because you have to close your site and fix the breach. This interruption of business can mean the loss of customers, legal expenses, your brand, and reputation put at risk, and other expensive types of theft repairs. Reducing these risks as outlined includes having directional and informative employee training, keeping a stable business risk management plan, maintaining data loss prevention technologies and using lots of encryption technology.