Hypobaric chamber- simplifying atmospheric studies

simplifying atmospheric studies

A hypobaric chamber, also known as an altitude chamber is widely used for high altitude aerospace research. These are mainly chambers used to study the effects of high altitude conditions on the human body. Lack of oxygen or decrease in the oxygen levels and low atmospheric pressure are the two main changes experienced at high altitudes.Such chambers are installed in several institutions all over the world. Temperature and the moisture content in the air, or the humidity can also bee controlled in some hypobaric chambers. These chambers make scientific study quite easy and effortless as well.

hypobaric chambers

The procedure:

The following procedure is obeyed while carrying out scientific research with the help of the altitude chamber

  • The scientists and other members involved in the research process are placed in the chamber.
  • They first breathe in a large amount of oxygen with the help of oxygen masks to reduce the nitrogen content in the body. This helps to prevent decompression sickness.
  • The air pressure is then changed to the match that which is found at higher altitudes.
  • The effects of the reduced air pressure is then studied or observed by observers outside the chamber.
  • An emergency oxygen mask is always present for the subject in case, he or she is on the verge of falling unconscious.
  • Within the hypobaric chamber, the subject is asked to perform different tasks such as carrying out arithmetic calculations or signing and other energy consuming tasks. The performance is recorded and any change in the efficiency is related to the atmospheric condition changes that are manifested within the altitude chamber.

Scientific research and analysis is one of the major reasons technology is advancing at a very high pace. The death rate on the surface of the planet has also decreased manifolds due to such operations. They identify the flaws and help generate better living standards. Mountain climbing is a popular adventurous sport in which, the peaks of several high mountains are climbed to and explored. The climber or mountaineer ought to try or participate in a hypobaric chamber session in order to find out, whether he or she is capable of dealing with the extreme atmospheric conditions.