Industries that are ruling in online world

Industries that are ruling in online world

You may decide to close your eyes and open it and voila! Another decade is gone. Time happens so fast with numerous events unfolding. Thus, it is needless to say a lot has happened in the online world in the last decade.

According to statistics from Internet World Stats between March 2007 to June 2017 there is an evident rise from 17.2% to 51.7% with over 3885 million users. With this drastic growth, the internet has become a great platform which has a great influence on businesses and communication being a global information provider for multitudes of people.

Also, the advent of mobile technology has facilitated a wider reach of the internet causing the number of internet users to increase daily. This way, with your phone, inasmuch as you can read and write, you can make your business known to a very large market directly, quickly and economically.

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A wide range of products (or services as obtained in some industries) can been brought online which are fast growing and not leaving the global market anytime soon. Some of them fall under the following industries;

  • The Banking Industry: The Banking industry is one that has kept growing over the years. This industry has greatly maximized the use of the internet to carry out their activities and serve their customers better. With the introduction of the online-banking system for transactions from the comfort of your home using your mobile, you will think there is nothing more to expect from the banking sector but it has proved to have much more in store for you. The use of the social media by the banking industry to communicate with their customers is another feature that puts the industry on top of her game. This has created a very large business community that grows daily.
  • The Transport Industry: The Transport industry is divided into many sections as there are a large number of means of transportation. This industry can be classified as one of those industries ruling the world. This has been facilitated by the use of internet in rendering their services. A very good example is the Uber Company. About a decade ago, the Uber Company was established following the need to get a cab on a winter night. Since its establishment, the global transportation technology company has grown with a wide range of users. All it requires is for both the drivers and users to have a smartphone or the mobile website. This makes it a very fast and easy means of transportation. As a result, the company has been able to spread its tentacles to other parts of the world such as Africa. For instance in 2014, the Uber company launched its smartphone technology in Lagos, Nigeria one of the largest countries in Africa which couldn’t have been possible without the use of the internet.
  • E-commerce: Over the past ten years, the evolution of E-commerce has been a beautiful one to watch. With the instant access made possible by the internet, the way we shop has changed tremendously. The internet has now become the most widely used medium for marketing, advertising, and purchasing of products and services. In fact, in the last decade there has been a great rise of online marketplaces and the use of mobile phones to shop online. Consumers even enjoy the luxury of comparing brands and prices and also reading online consumer reviews before making purchases from the comfort of their homes. For an instance if a person is looking for a new tyre and want to explore its availability then he can browse from various tyre options on internet and buy online.


The growth in this sector is made possible as online marketers make use of the opportunity that most people keep their phones intimate so they get their attention in places where they spend their time such as social media, online games, websites, blogs and emails. This is to say there is hardly any product or service that cannot be brought online.

  • Blogging: Blogging has become a form of Journalism which goes hand in hand with the social media and has helped people everywhere to express themselves like never before. Blogging has allowed for instant reaction to events and happenings around the world. It has also caused a form of unity between people from different continents. Rising to the position of one of the fastest growing industries ruling the world, the Blogging industry has become a major source of online income to many.
  • The Fashion Industry: The fashion industry all around the world is an industry that has not ceased to grow. Fashion designers keep striving to follow the online trend in the last decade and cannot be put aside. From online advertising of wears and sketches to different apps for consumers to have different contact with their designers, the internet has helped to develop small, upcoming designers and celebrate top designers. In addition, the internet has made training in fashion an easy task for all those who have interest in becoming fashion designers with various ‘do it yourself’ programs.
  • The Entertainment Industry: It is no doubt right to list the entertainment industry as one of the industries ruling the online world, both the music and film sector of entertainment have risen to the peak of their works. Fans now have access to works by their favorite artistes through live-streaming, instant downloads, social media amongst others and can give instant reviews which go a long way to help the performance of these artistes. Upcoming artistes as well do not need to go through a lot of stress before becoming famous. All they need do is be frequent online.

All in all, the benefit of the internet to any industry cannot be over-emphasized as the world continually revolves around technological advances. And the competition that comes with running an online business has made industries give nothing but the best.