Is chronic high blood pressure during pregnancy a desired outcome?

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Blood pressure connotes a scenario, where the blood goes on to push hard against the artery walls when your heart beats. Yes a certain amount of pressure is a desired outcome for the blood to move around your body but too much blood pressure can lead to serious problems. Blood pressure medication during pregnancy can eradicate the problem to a considerable extent. Anything above the margin of 140.90 is considered to be above normal. It also goes by the name of hypertension and pregnant women should pay attention to it.

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During pregnancy, if you suffer from high blood pressure, it cannot be considered to be dangerous. In certain cases, it does pose complications for the mother along with the developing baby. A lot of pregnant women do possess this condition.

What are the risk factors of high blood pressure during pregnancy?

During pregnancy if you have unhealthy lifestyle choices then for sure it can lead to complications. If you are overweight or obese and still not active it does pose risk for high blood pressure. Women who are likely to have their first baby are more prone to high blood pressure. With the same partner the chances diminish in the later course of pregnancies as well. If you are women who is carrying multiples the chances of hypertension tends to increase all the more as well. Age is also a point of consideration as women who are above 40 possess a greater degree of risk. When there is use of assisted delivery methods during pregnancy it can also lead to high blood pressure as well.

If a woman who has already high blood pressure before pregnancy are likely to deliver pregnancy complications more than women who have not had any symptom.  In a lot of ways blood pressure needs to be detected at an early stage like HIV. Medicine HIV in pregnancy can provide timely relief.

Other points of consideration

On your first visit to a doctor they are likely to take a measurement of your blood pressure levels. This is the basic parameter of measurement. Now each time during your visit to a doctor they are going to measure it once again. The normal levels of blood pressure is 120 .80. It has to be observed that in the early stages of pregnancy or in the second trimester of pregnancy, the blood pressure of a woman can actually decrease. The reason of it is that the pregnancy hormones could cause the blood vessels to widen. Because of this reason the resistance to the blood flow is not that high as well.

Once the pregnancy progresses the levels of blood pressure may decrease and return back to the normal levels. It has been stated that the blood pressure of a woman increases by 45 % during pregnancy. It is an extra level of blood that the heart is pumping throughout the body. Another interesting trend is that the left side does pumps more blood.