Looking at things differently

Ever looked at the Eiffel Tower and thought, that just looks like a bunch of Garage Shelving I would expect to order from https://www.garage-shelving.co.uk/ . No. There is an art to looking at things in an abstract way. For example, think of a view that you see every day. It may be out of an office or school window, it may be the view from your home. If you are ever struggling to gain perspective on something, it’s a good idea to try this. Try and see the view that see everyday from a different angle. Try a view form a different floor. Look at it form a side taking in the building and what you normally look at. Look back at your building in a reverse. The reason I say this is not for a proven psychological fact just a point of view that the new angle may give you some new perspective.

One of the best examples of that is in motor racing. More than any other sport does the different camera angles and options illustrate our understand of a situation. When we watch remotely we can see the car of Hamilton swing out and rocket past Vettel on a straight. We can view that through television in a number of ways. We are shown the rear view from the back axle of Hamilton swing out.We can see a Vettel point of view of the incident so as to almost experience his thoughts as it happened. One option that Sky did (not a sales pitch) was that, with the F1 package, you could view in race any car and any driver at any point. If you wanted really to watch the race from the point of view of Luca Badoer’s Minardi then you could. We, playing with the technology were following Damon Hill. We sat in the cockpit with him and watch him over take. There was no commentary just the roar of the V10 Williams engine. We could see the live race coverage in the top right hand corner. The owner quickly jumped back to live coverage, but the moment was gone, and he had to settle for a replay, but it felt to me like we had missed a point. We should have gone and watched it from Badoers perspective all the way though, its not something that we would normal see, coverage only focused on the winners.

Its not a universally excepted point I know but it ahs served me well. There are several times when I have needed inspiration and I could not find anything that inspired me. I climbed a hill local to me and sat on the top. It gave me a wide view of the landscape from a perspective I’d never seen and lo and behold I had my answer.