New innovations in smart kitchen equipment

New innovations in smart kitchen equipment

The food industry is witnessing a growth in new innovations reaching the market. Multi-functioning appliances, IoT equipment and other technological gadgets are enabling kitchens to become more streamlined and more manageable. Kitchens are downsizing on the equipment they use and investing in multi-functional products.

Many businesses are seeing the benefits of smart appliances, including refrigerators, ovens and ventilation systems. Kitchen technology is developing, and end to end integration will improve in the coming years.

Improving efficiency

Larger kitchens and food operations are investing in smart devices to enable them to cater to more customers. The main concern is ensuring that the equipment can maintain food quality and standards. One benefit of smart kitchen equipment is it gives chefs the ability to program ovens from their offices. Refrigerator systems will also be able to gather energy efficiency data soon.

Alarms will also be included in refrigerators, to alert businesses if there’s been a failure. It will save companies money on replacing food and ensure kitchens can still run.

Benefits for smaller operators

Smaller companies are also seeking smart kitchen appliances. They can see the benefits of being able to stay in touch with their operations, even when not on site. Apps that connect to Apple and Android phones are popular with smaller businesses and allow caterers to remain mobile.

Small companies are using commercial catering equipment to expand their customer base and business. Online companies such as are seeing a growing number of independent caterers purchasing smart appliances.

One of the biggest advances in kitchen technology has been BACnet (building automation and control network). It has many advantages, including allowing combi-ovens to run self-diagnostics and communication with other devices.

The future

There are new innovations arriving, and the future holds some exciting prospects. Chowbotics has been working on a salad robot that creates up to 1000 salad combinations. It even shows users the calorie count and uses a weight sensor to control portions.

Cafeterias and establishments wishing to promote healthy eating could use the technology to increase the variety of healthy meals on their menus and reduce staffing costs. Chowbotics will also create robots geared towards ethnic foods too. In the next 5-10 years, robots will most likely be in many kitchens across the world.