Piracetam Nootropil Provides Combined Thinking

functions of the brain

Piracetam, created in 1964, is one of the first medications of this type. Designed by Dr. CorneliuJurga, he was absorbed by a medicine that “awakens your brain”. Piracetam is part of a class of medicines called nootropics or smart medicines. These types of drugs are brain accelerators and are able to stimulate the nervous system, thus improving many key functions of the brain, such as intelligence, attention and memory.

Positive effect on the brain of Corpus Callosum

Piracetam has a positive effect on the brain of Corpus Callosum, since it is able to connect the two hemispheres, thus combining the creative and logical sides of the brain. Strengthening these connections allows the user to extract more potential from the brain. Piracetam’s success stories include his ability to cure alcoholism and alcoholism. It could improve and reduce the deterioration of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and senile involution.

Piracetam also helped stroke victims by improving their recovery from aphasia (speech impairment). It could also restore many functions, such as EEG, the use of limbs, speech and states of consciousness in those who suffer from severe and recurrent (a condition that reduces blood flow to the brain) cerebral ischemia.

Piracetam has also been recognized for its ability to improve reading accuracy and comprehension in children with dyslexia. This improved his memory and oral learning, along with greater precision and speed in his writing, reading and writing. Piracetam and choline has increased the effectiveness of the anticonvulsant action in many antiepileptic drugs for humans and animals, and for eliminating cognitive deficits caused by antiepileptic drugs in humans.

It has also been shown that piracetam increases mental performance in the elderly, who are generally healthy, but suffer from forgetfulness associated with daily age. Piracetam has no addictive or toxic properties and, as a result, can work synergistically with other smart drugs, such as centrofenoxine, hydroginine, DMAE or choline. Therefore, to make it a very versatile smart drug.

logical sides of the brain

Combination of piracetam hill

What is the hill? Choline is a chemical similar to B vitamins, and is most often associated with them. The body can make some choline, however, it is usually important to get a choline diet.

The benefits of choline include maintaining many functions in the body, like the structure of cell membranes, the precursor molecule of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and protecting liver fat accumulation among many others. Research has suggested how choline may be necessary for fetal and infant brain development, but it can also help stop memory loss due to aging. Hill has even shown that it protects the liver from certain forms of damage and reverse damage has already occurred. In addition, it can help reduce cholesterol, homocysteine ​​and some forms of cancer.

It is believed that the hill is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of nootropics, such as piracetam. Piracetam and choline has a synergistic effect on cognition. Nootropil helps stimulate the flow of neurotransmitters, while choline provides the building blocks for replenishing neurotransmitter stores. Without the hill, the nootropyl can be short, blunt and cause a headache.