Polished Concrete: Everything You Need to Know

The polished concrete is a type of finish gives the concrete through polishing adding different resins and silicates to provide the same with a finish and a smooth and fine texture. As is the printed concrete that everyone is sure you have heard, consisting of a concrete pavement that through some molds you get some finishes with some concrete drawings. In the case of concrete polishing Geelong, the finish is smooth and fine, normally bright.

How they are done?

The concrete is half-way between the normal untreated concrete which would have a more rustic texture, the trowelled by a machine called helicopter by the blades it has and make finer the Finishing surface, although without polishing finishing resins. And the polished concrete that in addition to making the framed with helicopter and give more passes, then apply some resins and special silicates to get finer finishes and usually bright.Because of the polished and usually glossy finish you could think that it is only used as a continuous pavement inside homes but it has more uses and not only in the interior but also in the exterior. In the garages is also the usual use of this polished concrete, as well as outside such as sports tracks, department stores, even in industrial buildings or outdoor terraces of the house at street level.

Advantages of polished concrete

Given the great advantages of this type of pavement compared to the other flooring options that can be found in the market, it is normal to understand the great boom that it has had in recent years. Even different finishes that depending on the materials used, although the base is the mixture of cement, sand and gravel you get to customize the floor of your home to your desire and personal style. One of the most appreciated features of this paving system is its ease of cleaning, better than any other paving options you have.It does not have a placement joint which is why it is called continuous pavement, so you do not have to worry about the joints becoming black as it happens with the ceramic racholas, nor that do you get dirt in said joints because the tillers have lowered you a lot. Directly, the polished concrete does not have joints where dirt can be introduced.

Conclusion: on the contrary

Although many people, distinguishes between printed concrete with molds for outdoor and polishing for interiors. As you know, sports tracks, terraces at street level, parking, pediments, they are also common places where you can find this polished concrete for exteriors. It’s smooth and fine treatment, and its resistance to damp makes it ideal to sweep, clean and mop over and in areas of large surfaces with cleaning machines. Polished concrete floor is not something that can be done over the night. It must be done with expert architects and professional workers. The construction company or the service provider that you will choose must have the best experience on this field.