Rebrand to rule the piracy world again

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As we know that free streaming video site has gaining popularity because of its notorious activity. Hence many countries noted it as an illegal. Due to this many free streaming site had shut their shop. Among all these free streaming site one of the most giant pirated site is movies123 who have announced it’s shutting down. This pirated mogul have ruled the piracy industry in very less time but due to law pressure it settled to put his sword down. But it is not like that it is the end of the game because data says that it has again in the market as Gomovies. Basically, they have change their name and domain.

free streaming movies

A faster site

All the free streaming movies site, are better and faster site which allows user to watch movies flawlessly. If someone wants to watch the movie for better and safe experience, one should use because many other movies 123 are not a real version and one should not use them. That’s why a representative from the free streaming movies had told them they are keeping changing their name.

Growing popularity

Since it has crossed 98+ million users it has become the target of many copyright companies. Recently Hollywood reported that “the free streaming site like movies 123 is the most notorious site” in the pirated market and this site has been blocked by the ISP of UK. One can watch the movies as well as their favorite Television serials on this free streaming website but it is not so secure because it consist malware or viruses.


Since there was pressure from the law authority from all around the world on free streaming movies that’s why these pirated website was bounded to shut down. However, the same site has rename their name and domain and again rolling in the market. Main problem is that, many picture come to the internet before its release date due to which producer along with film industry get loss. Hence these website are considered as notorious and pirated site is also not so secure, although they are working on safety and security.