Six great gin mixers

Gin continues to prove ever-popular with drinkers across the world who have discovered that this versatile spirit pairs wonderfully with far more than tonic. While a gin and tonic is the actual classic mixture, there is other gins mixers surety that you can cause to believe if you look for yourself thirsty and tonic-less. Here are a few common mixers for gin to turn to next time you find yourself in a hard spot! What better defend to blend up a cocktail or two at home in privilege of Mother’s Ruin? Whether you desire a drink that’s long or short, stimulating or sweet, gin is the ultimate spirit.

From elderflower cordials to sparking prosecco, here is our guide to six great gin mixers.

1. Rose lemonade

In the UK, sales of gin have tripled since 2009, with fans spending £461m on the drink in 2017.

As many find the sharpness of tonic too much in a G&T, rose lemonade has become a popular alternative. The floral and sweet notes of the fizz have made it a true crowd pleaser and it can be increasingly found paired with gin. For a wide range of gin mixers, browse the range of post mix juices at Empire UK and other suppliers.

2. Prosecco

If you prefer gin to be a secondary note in your cocktails, pairing it with prosecco could create your perfect tipple. The fizz of the prosecco dominates the flavour here, with botanicals within the gin creating an interesting finish.

3. Bramble cocktail

A gin concoction created in London in the 1980s, the bramble cocktail is a refreshing and pleasant way to enjoy the spirit. Mixed with lemon juice, sugar and fresh berries, it is no wonder that this fresh and fruity drink is known as the spring cocktail. It is not only delicious but also looks gloriously colourful in a glass.

Blackberries or cranberries work particularly well with this cocktail; alternatively, post mix juices can provide a simple and tasty alternative.

4. Pink gin

Although an alcoholic option, pink gin offers a fruity, floral and sweet take on the traditional gin flavour. With a less piney taste, this could be your new favourite tipple.

5. Baking cakes

A slightly more unconventional use of the drink, baking with gin is proving an increasingly popular and unique flavour combination. Try baking a simple but delectable gin lemon drizzle cake, which combines the bitterness of gin and lemon with the sugary sweetness of a glaze in a perfect blend. Baking with gin is guaranteed to impress even the harshest critic of gin.

6. Elderflower cordial

Elderflower cordial is the perfect accompaniment to add depth to gin, with a light and floral taste. This floral note will add a soft freshness without being too perfumed, making it the perfect summertime mixer with gin. To finish, just add ice.

There’s developing interest among cocktail fanatics in Old Tom Gin – a little sweetened spirit which is nearer to the sort of gin which would have been drunk in 19th century, when numerous of our classic cocktails were taken birth.