Ten ways to improve your website’s performance

You may have spent money on a consultant to build a web presence to take your business to the next level; however, as with most things, the work does not stop there.

Without continuous attention and improvement, your substantial investment will only work for a short time. Here are ten tips for keeping your website working for you.

Pay attention to metrics

To know what you need to improve, and by how much, you need to pay attention to traffic numbers – and the right numbers.

Improve your visibility

If people don’t know your site is there, they won’t be visiting it. Make sure you make it known that your site exists; for example, you can use business cards and handouts, or even online advertising services such as AdWords.

Invest in SEO

The majority of new traffic will come through search engines. If you worked with a professional web development company in London or your local area, such as https://www.redsnapper.net/, this has probably already been done; if not, you may need to invest in some SEO.

Secure your site

Security is a big deal for any online presence. At the very least, you should ensure your entire site uses HTTPS.

Make it for mobile

Nothing will make a mobile customer click away faster than a site not displaying properly. With a huge proportion of web traffic coming from mobile devices, ensure your site is properly built for mobile viewing.

Keep content current

If your site stays static, potential customers will not keep coming back. If new customers see that the site has not been updated in years, they might even think you are no longer trading.

Give your customers information

Sites are not only for sales but also for research. Give your customers the information they need to make their decisions.

Make assistance available

Consider offering an online chat or easy-to-find ways to contact your business in case customers need a little extra assistance choosing the right product or making their purchase.

Call customers to action

Calls to action are effective tools to use, so ensure that every page has a call to action to buy a product, make a booking or request a service, or make contact directly.

Never stop improving

Like many projects, websites can never be viewed as ‘complete.’ If you stop improving, customers will stop visiting.