Terry’s of York development set for next stage

An iconic Art Deco factory building in York that was the home of Terry’s chocolate production for nearly 80 years is now set for its next stage of development. The building will become a block of apartments after being purchased by Henry Boot Construction six years ago. The flats are proving to be a huge success, selling out well ahead of the build completion. The people of York, it would seem, are raring to live in a former chocolate house, a place that is teeming with heritage.

Terry's of York development

Terry’s Chocolate

Terry’s of York began as a confectioner in York in 1767, predating the birth of Cadbury’s by more than 50 years. In 1926, the company built and opened The Chocolate Works, an Art Deco factory that quickly became an iconic landmark in the city. It was here that the classic Terry’s Chocolate Orange was first produced back in 1931. The factory continued until 2005 when new owners Kraft moved production to Poland. The building fell into disrepair and even appeared on the English Heritage list of at-risk buildings.

In 2011, the Henry Boot construction firm purchased the property with the intention of converting it to flats. The main building will be made into 165 luxury apartments, whilst the remaining converted buildings will become additional flats, office space and a hotel. The iconic clock will be renovated and will be a key feature of the new development.

Terry's chocolate production

Booming Business

Shares in the property firm Henry Boot have risen by more than 8 per cent, and the company has reported an outstanding year. The flats have all sold two years ahead of the 2019 deadline. Further planning is being negotiated, with the the Star team set to run a ​caf​e, restaurant and delicatessen on the site ​in the former liquor store​. This will mean new serve over display cabinets such as the counters from Fridge Freezer Direct and completely new kitchens being kitted out.

This development has proven that a new generation of homeowners are looking to live in a property that has a local heritage and one that has been sympathetically renovated to honour what the building stood for during so many years. Of course, the new owners of the luxury apartment will be able to say quite rightfully, “It’s not Terry’s, it’s mine…”