The Best Materials for a Semi-permanent Manicure

The Best Materials for a Semi-permanent Manicure

If you want bright and colored nails for longer, it is time that you look beyond basic or traditional manicure. There are many alternatives that you can consider these days. The trick is identifying the best type that suits you best. You can start with Gel uñas semipermanente.

The semi-permanent gel is the best option out there. It is actually characterized by the prolonged duration of polish – about two to three weeks. It will not harm your natural nail and weaken it. There are two approaches here – going to nail salon or DIY.

If you consider DIY semi-permanent manicure, you have to secure the right materials. Here are the best materials for a successful semi-permanent manicure:

Nail files

The first step to a successful DIY semi-permanent manicure is filing, which can improve the adhesion of the nail polish. Nail files are not expensive products and you can buy them in any beauty stores. You have to understand that nail files can be made of different abrasives (paper, mylar, and cloth) and cores (wood, plastic, and foam).

Gel uñas semipermanente

When looking for the right nail file, you have to consider a fine-grit, which is gentle yet, effective on the nails. Remember that 180 grits are safe to use. Remember that anything lower than 180 is not safe on your natural nails because it can cause breakage or peeling.

Cuticle Remover

The next thing you need to consider is the cuticle remover. Cuticle removers are necessary accessories that will help ensure perfect-looking nails. The cuticle remover has two parts – the flat part and the opposite side. The flat part is utilized to push the cuticle while the opposite side is utilized to remove or cut it.


When dealing with a semi-permanent manicure, LED or UV lamps are crucial since it facilitates quick drying of the nails. Keep in mind that without a lamp, it is impossible for the nails to dry. You can choose from the following lamps:

  • UV/LED 9 watts: if it is for personal or occasional use, UV/LED 9 watts lamp is ideal. This lamp is easy to store because it only takes a little space. However, it features less power. This means it can take longer time to dry.
  • UV/LED 36 watts: many nail salons consider this technology because it promises to dry the polish quickly – between 10 and 30 seconds. What’s more, they have timers that allow you to choose the drying time you are most comfortable with.
  • 24 or 48 watts UV/LED: if you want a higher quality lamp, you can consider 24 or 48 watts lamp. In most cases, it features a timer with three settings and an automatic start sensor.

Base and topcoat

There are many nail polishes out there but you have to secure base and topcoat. The base coat does not have the shine but it can help prolong the manicure. Topcoat, on the other hand, is like a barrier that can protect the nail from peeling and chipping. It is usually glossy.

Cuticle moisturizer

Aside from removing and cutting the cuticle, you should moisturize after painting. It is important that you keep your cuticles moisturized. This will help them look better and feel healthier.