The Common Issues Faced by Coworking Spaces

The Common Issues Faced by Coworking Spaces

Sharing is theidea of giving a portion of something like an amount, food, property, space and so on. It’sthe common concept of how trading started. Sharing is a good thing, and that has been the driving idea fora new business/rent model called coworking. The idea of coworking is all about sharing;office spaces to be specific. These are privately owned offices that decided to have a coworking business model instead of a regular office on tenant structure.

There are many people that are trying this unique way in having an office, but not entirely because the main idea itself (sharing) is being questioned like privacy, noise, theft, and even addressing a company’s growth but still wanted to remain in that coworking environment. Belowyou can find further discussions on the concerns that were mentioned above.

The concern about privacy: Since you’re sharing the same office, there is a concern about privacy. Companies have their own systems and tools where sensitive client information isstored in it. While there is no definitive regulation ofprivacy,coworking spaces expect their clients to be responsible for their security and privacy just as they are responsible for their personal belongings. There are laws that protect anyone with regard to these issues, and if you are a company that has some very sensitive information, you need to fortify it because coworking spaces are the kind of places that can support you on that matter but not to the extent of privacy security management, that should be your responsibility. Plus, if that is your truth, then you need to assess if coworking is ideal for your setup.


The concern about noise: The most common concern is all about the noise, and since your pairedwith other companies, some people would think that it’s going to be noisy. But surprisingly,it’snot because most coworking spaces add that concern to the agreement to mind other people’s business and besensitive about it.

The concern about theft: Theft is also one of the common concerns in areas that are a bit dodgy. Although you can’t really say that theft isn’t possible, it can be, but thanks to security cameras, that have been minimized. No one can actually enter the office without being a member in the first place.

The concern about the future: Growth has always been inevitable. If you think that your company is growing and the coworking space can no longer support your growing needs, then maybe it’s time to have a place of your own. Or find a coworking space that has a far bigger space to accommodate you.

Sharing is a value, a value that is strongly idealized and applied in coworking spaces. These spaces offer a cost-effective way to manage a business, but not everyone is open tocoworking spaces because of some issues. At the end of the day, it’s all about preferences. All these issues can actually be minimized if you’re housed in the best coworking space. Head over to for more details.