The importance of identifying your members’ motivation

People become members of organisations for all sorts of different reasons, both personal and professional. They also want different things from these organisations. Understanding what leads someone to join a membership organisation and motivates them to maintain this membership is key to any member-based group’s long-term success.

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Analysing data

One of the quickest and easiest ways to understand your members’ motivation is to review any data you hold on them along with any research carried out by relevant industry bodies. Is membership a work requirement, for example, or are people looking to develop their skills? Understanding what drives people to join your organisation will help you to create a plan for engaging your members and keeping them engaged.

What do you want from your members?

You also need to consider what you want from your membership beyond a membership fee. Do you want them to become actively involved in the work you do, for example, or are you looking at ways you can increase your income by getting them to buy additional services or products from you? Knowing this will help you to decide what you can offer members. Tying this in with the data analysis will give you confidence that this offer will be of interest to members.

Motivated people have a positive point of view, they’re thrilled about what they’re doing, and they know that they’re spending their time in something that’s truly valuable. In brief, motivated people enjoy their jobs and do well.

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Retaining members is key to every member-based organisation. You can attract all the new members in the world but your organisation won’t grow if they don’t stay members beyond their initial sign-up period; in fact, it might fail. Understanding what motivates your members will help you to create an offer that makes them want to renew their membership.

Using membership management software from a provider such as will help you to target your members and reach out to them at just the right time.

Levels of engagement

While you may want certain things from your members, you have to remember that – for some – they will never want to go beyond reading your monthly newsletter or attending your quarterly networking event. This is fine, as long as they remain members. What you want to do is engage with those who want more, meeting their needs so that they become active members, act as advocates and encourage others to join. This will enable you to grow as a membership organisation.

Motivated people are highly adjustable, specifically when it comes to transformation, and they have a affirmative attitude at work. They assist to spread an organization’s good fame, lessen the rates of absence, and make better the performance and profit. They also work tough to attain their goals, and work with a superb sense of importance than unmotivated people. Transformational leaders anticipate good things from their team members, and they brighten feelings of trust and faithfulness in return.