The Qualities of The Best Cat Towers

The Qualities of The Best Cat Towers

It is important to develop your cat’s natural instincts even if you are sheltering them indoors. Cat Towers are healthy outlets that cut your cat’s destructive behaviors. If you have space at home, get them these to boost their physical and psychological health. There are many of these actually that you can find in the market. But, you need to choose the ones that are effective for giving your cats’ safe shelter as well as a place to climb with. The best towers for cats are sturdy enough and that provide the place of enrichment for your cat. Learn here about the best qualities that make a great tower for cats.

Choosing the Best Cat Tower

It can be good news knowing that there are many cat tower designs available these days. But, you need to be skeptical about your options and make sure they could help your cats. Look for nice designs without too much trouble. You can opt for something that complements your home decor scheme and come at a price that fits your budget. But, you should go beyond the designs and deep into which qualities make a great tower. Here are the qualities that you might to consider in your buy: 

Cat Towers

The Towers Height

When looking for cat towers, consider also your cat’s height. It can be best that your kitty could get a chance to explore the hidden world at ground level. But, you should also give them a way to look down at the environment from above. Towers with this design are ideal for cats that are afraid of humans, loud noises, or other cats. A tall tower can help to get them off the floor and out of the fear zone if they are generally stressed out. Get a taller tower especially if your cat has this stress-inducing behavioral problem. The size of the tower is an important consideration to help your cat give all the comfort they needed the most.

Durable Finish

There are many designs with solid wood, you can go for them, and not the pressed ones. But, the sisal or jute rope finish can be excellent, natural, and usually a pretty durable choice. You may find the cost is above the standard-issue cat condo, but the benefits could be worth it. It helps your cat endure behavioral problems they have been into. It even helps them with their climbing behaviors.

The towers help them to gauge their personal desire for height. Give them space at your home and make use this natural behavior as a guide. But, keep in mind not to let your cat’s current habits limit their future. Shy and inhibited cats will tend to hide from under your furniture at home. With towers, you are likely giving them vertical territory.

Customizable Towers

The last thing that you need to look for a tower is its customizable design. This means that you could somehow add some toys in it or give it more life to fit your cat’s behavior. You know your cat so well and by that, you could give them a kitty wonderland they would love.