Tips About How To Choose The Right Canon Rebel Lens For Portraits

canon rebel t6 bundle

If you are the proud owner of a canon rebel t6 bundle or one of the previous versions of the rebels, there is no doubt that you will be asked to take a portrait or two. Or maybe the portraits are a type of painting in which they already specialize, and people come to you all the time. Which Canon Rebel Portrait lens do you choose? The best question is: can a Canon Rebel lens be a good option for a head shot?

First we dismantle one thing. Canon Rebel is able to make great photos, whether portraits or others. You do not really need a $ 5000 camera to take super portraits. Of course, it would be good, but it is not necessary.

As you know, EF-S lenses are designed specifically for Canon cameras, such as the Rebel series. But EF models also work, in fact, any lens that Canon makes will work on your canon rebel t6 bundle. In addition, lenses manufactured by third-party Canon camera manufacturers will work on your Rebel … all of them!

Therefore, your choice is not limited. But this complicates the decision just by the turn numbers.

canon rebel t6 bundle
There are some things you want to find in the lens of the portrait.

First, the perfect lens with an average telephoto focal length. For a rebel, this could mean something between 50 and 100 mm. Do not forget that the 1.6x performance factor means that you need to multiply the focal length of 1.6 to obtain an equivalent value of 35 mm. Simple mathematics shows that 50 mm acts as 85 mm in T6, and 100 mm acts as 160 mm.

Second, you need the widest openness you can get. Everything in f / 2.8 or wider is great. The reason for the wide aperture is a blurry background in combination with sharp focus on the subject. All this in a narrow depth of field, which is much easier with a wide opening.

Third, find a focal length, for example, 50, 85 or 100 mm. Although this is not a requirement, which is absolutely necessary, the lenses at these focal distances have shown that the challenge is to obtain sharpness in place with excellent depth of field.

There are excellent lenses that have these requirements stuck and the right price. You can even consider using a macro or closing the lens to double as a “popular” shooter.