Types of media storages available for you

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As you know, there are different media storage formats and they differ in size and technical characteristics. Although the most relevant thing is that each camera will normally only use one type of memory format for which it has been designed. That’s why you should make sure you know what type of media storage your camera supports before purchasing one. Click here to buy sd card singapore.

SD card (Security Digital)

It is the most widespread format used by most compact cameras and mid-range or low-range reflex cameras. They are light and small in size. In terms of budget they are also usually the most affordable. Visit this site to buy sd card singapore.

Micro SD cards

Although they are not the most used for camera, they can be used with an SD type adapter (although it is not usually recommended). They are the ideal format for small electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets or sports cameras.

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CF Card (Compact Flash)

This is the format used by high-end SLR cameras and medium format cameras. They are the largest and most robust in size, although they also stand out for their performance.

Memory Stick Card

MS is the format used by Sony cameras by default.

Extreme Digital Card

xD is the Olympus memory card format, used only by this manufacturer’s cameras.

XQD Card

This format is the one that is trying to dethrone SD cards and Compact Flash. No wonder it ends up being the standard format of the future. It is capable of offering vertiginous transfer speeds of up to 440MB / s in reading and  up to 400 MB / s in writing.