Unusual Hen Party Ideas

Have you got the daunting task of arranging a hen party for a blushing bride to be? Arranging a hen party can be extremely stressful as there is always so much to consider. The pressure can feel intense to hold the best hen party for the bride’s last party as a single woman! It is also a lot worse when there are lots of your group getting married around the same time. You want the party to be memorable (for the right reasons!) and still manage to please everyone.

Some members of the group may have other commitments, such as children to consider, and you also need to consider the what people can commit to financially – after all hen parties aren’t always cheap! The latest trend of taking a whole weekend, or even a week and going abroad can be difficult – as people may have to arrange childcare, book time off work and budget for the holiday. Here are a few ideas for a hen party that are a little different, and won’t mean any long weekends away…

Ghost Hunting -If the bride is into spooky stuff, this will guarantee a hen party that she never forgets! Britain is a very haunted country, so, no matter where you live there will be somewhere near you that is home to resident ghost! Have a look online, there are many places that host ghost hunting nights, some even include a sleepover if you are all brave enough!

Tank Driving – If the bride to be enjoys outdoor activities, but you are unsure of what the weather might get up to (pretty much all year round in Britain!) tank driving is perfect! You will get to experience the thrill of driving a tank which will make for a truly unforgettable hen party! You can find out more about tank driving here https://www.armourgeddon.co.uk/tank-driving-experience.html.

Dancing Lessons – If the bride to be is a big fan of Strictly Come Dancing, then this will definitely please her! There are plenty of different dance classes available that cater for large groups, from the traditional ballroom dancing, to belly dancing and even pole dancing! There is something for everyone. Head to a club later on and show off your moves – and don’t forget to show them off on the dancefloor at the wedding!

Cocktail Making – If it is a touch of glamour that you are after, then cocktail making is the perfect choice. Of course, after you have learned to make them, you will get to drink them! Not only that, you will also learn new skills to be able to wow your friends with your amazing cocktails in the future!