Want A Personal Private Family Network? Try Tapshare Go Now!

Searching for a personal space on the web for your family? Want to provide a platform to your family where you can share your memories without security threat? Well, if these concerns trouble you, then go now and find your hub!

Family time is the most peaceful time in everyone’s life which people want to relish to the fullest and create unforgettable memories. You take pictures, make videos and enjoy in every possible way. If its vacation time, then fun and craziness are on the hike and the ambience is full of happy spirits.

Preserving these happy times is a hobby of yours as you don’t want to lose the collected memories. Sharing them in your family circle is important too, but as there are many threats on online services, sharing involves risk.

Security on Tapshare

Security is a desired and essential feature on social media as your pictures are your private property and you would obviously not like if others will exploit your privacy. Intrusion in privacy and exposure of private links is a common problem and people want a safe haven where they can share and send their collection without the intrusion of an unwanted third party. With Tapshare, you can avail the impossible- have a personal vault of memories! Read below to know how it is possible!

  • Without any internal doubt, upload any media on the Tapshare vault from your mobile or personal computer. Want to create a safe and secure Tapshare vault- go now!
  • After you have a secured vault, you can create albums. The best thing about Tapshare is that it lets you decide whether the album will be private or public and decide your viewers accordingly. You can add only one person in the album or make it publicly available or accessible to a group of relatives.
  • Well, finally now you have the power to limit or expose your album and be free of threat of invasion by strangers. Your pictures are in super safe hands and you can share the data to your loves ones as they are the only one who has access to your family pictures.

Life is a collection of moments which are stored in your minds but the fact is with time memories fade and pictures are the only means to keep them alive forever. So, click and share with Tapshare.