What are Different Kinds of Display Box and Its Benefits?

customized acrylic

The acrylic display cases or boxes are made from the clear and synthetic material such as plastic. The acrylic box Singapore is widely used than the glass cases as they have got a lot of benefits over the glass display cases. The acrylic cases are sturdier and lighter.

Boxes with Covers and Lids – They are unique for the storage abilities coupled with the beautiful appearance & display applications, and we carry several acrylic boxes with the lids. You will find shoe box lids, hinged lids, and several lids that lock. You can use retail displays, big dump bins for the loose items and to keep the things well organized and visible. You can select the box size, lid type, and soon you will find why we carry best in the covered acrylic boxes.

Countertop Display Cases – Doesn’t matter what’s presented inside, the cases allow you improve the current retail displays just by adding other layer of selection for the customers? The visual merchandising experts suggest use of the top-of-counter cases to the merchandise less costly items as the option when the higher rated inventory gets secured in a case below. You can select from the selection of the moderately rated to the high-end storage as well as acrylic display box to complete the retail design and store plan.

Custom Printed Acrylic – Using same quality acrylic boxes you want, you get a choice to print any graphics you like- promotional imagery, company logos, pictures, and anything else you want on the box.