What is hosted VOIP?

What is hosted VOIP

The old PSTN telephone system has been around for a very long time, so it is not surprising that any change is going to be a bit of a culture shock for some people.

However, change is coming. The telecoms world is moving toward an internet-based model. Indeed, BT has announced that the old PSTN and ISDN systems will be switched off by 2025. What is hosted VoIP, and is it worth going ahead and making the switch now?

Business phones

The use of VoIP is gaining in popularity with businesses because it offers several advantages. While large companies have been the first to recognise this, smaller businesses are now starting to see that they can benefit from the technology, too.

How does wholesale az VoIP termination work? Essentially, it uses the internet in place of phone lines. This means that instead of calls being routed to their destination by wires that you effectively rent for the duration of the call, they are instead sent over the internet. This means that the route is selected dynamically and, indeed, can change over the course of a call.

VoIP advantages

Using a hosted VoIP service from a supplier such as https://www.idtexpress.com/ has several advantages. First, it’s cheaper because you don’t need to rent an ISDN line to link your business to the phone network, and call costs are cheaper, too. It’s much easier to scale up the system as your business expands, with minimal costs for new hardware and low lead times.

You can also access the system from anywhere. This gives you the flexibility to allow people to work from different offices or from home. With an app, it can also be accessed from a mobile phone, so field workers such as sales staff can receive and make business calls wherever they are located. All of this is transparent to the user, who is not aware how their call is being routed and doesn’t experience any interruption in service.

There’s further flexibility if you are looking to replace your old PABX. You can switch to a cloud-based system, cutting the costs of having to power and maintain a system on site. This also offers flexibility in configuration and gives you easy access to features like conference calling, voice mail, automated menus and more.