What to ask your potential wedding venue

When you’re visiting potential wedding venue locations, it’s easy to get carried away with the excitement and completely forget what you should be asking. Here are some questions you’ll most definitely want the answers to:

  1. What dates are available?

If you have a specific month or date in mind, your very first question must be if that date is available at the venue you’re visiting. Saturdays during the summer are by far the most popular dates and these get snapped up almost a year in advance sometimes. You can’t make any further decisions without first working out whether the dates are available and if not, whether the available dates will work for you.

  1. How many guests can you have?

The size of your guest list will impact your choice of venue and vice versa. It’s important to find out the maximum guest number you’re working with at each venue and how much room for flexibility there might be.

  1. Can you get married at the venue?

If your venue holds a marriage licence, find out which rooms are available for the ceremony. There are many benefits to holding the ceremony and reception in one location, saving money on flowers and transport for example. For a Gloucester Hotel Wedding Venue, visit hatton-court.co.uk/gloucester-cotswolds-weddings 

  1. Is there a set end time for the reception?

Venues in built-up areas often have a curfew on noise and celebrations and this is important to know before you start planning your evening entertainment. If your venue is offering exclusive use, you might be able to extend the partying time, but you need to know the score form the offset.

  1. Will yours be the only wedding on the day?

Popular hotel venues could possibly be holding more than one wedding on a particular date. There is little you can do about this, but if you want to be the only one, then it’s worth asking before you make a booking.

  1. When can you access the venue for decorating?

Standard access is the day before or the morning of the wedding but if you want to know the exact timings for vendors and suppliers, you should get a definite answer from your venue asap, so you can plan and avoid getting stressed out.

  1. Are there any rules about decorations?

Some venues will be very relaxed about this, while others, especially historic properties might have fairly strict guidelines surrounding what can and can’t be done. Make sure you’re all on the same page to avoid any unnecessary stress and confusion.

  1. Ask about disabled access

If any of your guests are disabled, it’s essential to find out about access, toilets and any areas that might prove tricky. This is especially important for historic properties.

  1. Will you have access to a coordinator on the day?

Many venues have a dedicated wedding coordinator to help you before and during the big day. Ask if there such a person and will they be available on your chosen date. If there is, make full use of their help to ensure all runs smoothly and you have a stress-free day.

  • Are fireworks allowed?

If your idea of a dream day ends with a stunning firework display, then you’ll need to ask early on if the venue has permission for this.