White Kidney Bean Extract for Weight Loss Purposes

kidney beans for weight loss

Recent studies show that more than 60% of Americans are currently overweight and more than 18 million: type 2 diabetes, so you should keep track of what you eat and live a healthy lifestyle while being active.

To date, there are many weight loss supplements that contain very promising ingredients, and one of them is a white bean extract. It is commonly used by bodybuilders and nutritionists to lose weight, given that it is known for its fat burning properties. In addition, it is also used by people who find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet and a physical body due to their quick lifestyle and profession.

Now, the reason why it is gaining popularity is that it promotes healthy weight control and healthy weight loss. In addition, it is also a healthy source of protein and fiber and shows how much protein in kidney beans.

So what is a white bean extract and how does it work?

White bean extract is a food additive that, as is known, has many advantages, especially the ability to block starches. Because of this, it can block the enzyme alpha-amylase, which plays an important role in digestion. Now, the main objective of this ingredient as an adjunct to beans and weight loss the conversion of carbohydrates into fat; instead, it is eliminated from the body even before it has the opportunity to enter the bloodstream. That’s why people who use this to lose weight, take it directly before eating so that it can help block some of the starch.

protein in white kidney beans

In addition, it is also a rich source of fiber that reduces cholesterol, which is an excellent way to improve heart health. It is also useful for those suffering from coronary artery disease and obesity, as it is able to slow down the digestion of complex carbohydrates. In addition, it is known that this ingredient prevents the absorption of cholesterol, which means that it can help reduce platelet aggregation or coagulation. This means that it can help reduce arteriosclerosis, heart attacks, high blood pressure and strokes. In addition, white bean extract also helps reduce triglycerides, as well as the degeneration of arthritis.

White bean extract blocks the release of alpha-amylase

As a result, about a third of the carbohydrates are removed from our digestive tract without digestion. The remaining lot is usually divided. Some of the stored fats are also metabolized to meet the body’s energy needs. Therefore, the extract helps you lose weight safely. In addition to losing weight, it also strengthens our immune system and effectively controls debilitating diseases such as cancer, sclerosis, diabetes and arthritis. It is also a powerful antioxidant and promotes antibacterial and antifungal activity in our body.

Lose weight in a healthy way

The study, published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences, clearly shows that the white extract of kidney bean leaves certainly helps people lose weight in a healthy way. For the study, 60 overweight people were selected and divided into two groups. During the 30-day study period, one group was given a placebo one hour before a meal rich in carbohydrates, and another group was given a white bean extract. At the end of the study period, the subjects who took the extract showed a greater decrease in their body weight compared to the group that took the placebo. The good thing about white bean extract is that it does not cause any harmful side effects. In the initial stages, several users may suffer from flatulence and diarrhea. Over time, these side effects also disappear due to addiction.