Why your website load time matters to your SEO

There are lots of factors that affect your SEO, from poor content to spam links, but something many websites owners forget about is website loading time.

The importance of load times

That’s right – your website load time can affect your SEO. In 2010 Google announced that website page speed would affect website search engine ranking; in fact, this has always been the case. This is because users hate slow load times and will leave quickly if your website takes too long to load, which will push down your search engine ranking.

What qualifies as a good load time? The ideal load time is three seconds or less, as users are very impatient; however, this is not the case for most websites. The average e-commerce takes at least seven seconds to load, which is over double the ideal loading time. This could result in e-commerce websites ranking lower on Google. It can be difficult for e-commerce websites to overcome this, as they are listing so much information.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to speed up your load time.

How to improve your load time

One way to improve your load time is looking at the server you use to host your website. There are lots of different hosts and choosing a cheap offer could result in a slower load speed.

Embedded media can definitely benefit your website; however, it will also slow down your website loading time. You should use the media sparingly.

Image files that are too large will slow down your website, so it is important to use small image files that won’t affect your load time as much. Too many adverts will also slow down your website loading time.

You may want to look at the theme your website uses, as some themes use a lot of different widgets and images that can really slow down your website loading times.

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There are also some free online tools that you can download to find out more about your page loading times. One great tool is the page speed insight tool from Google, as this will give you advice on how to improve your page loading times.