Would You Rent to a Pet Owner?

Rent to a Pet Owner

A landlord has many responsibilities. It is true that the main motivation is probably to run a business with a healthy profit, but there are many reasons for keeping tenants happy.

Owning a Pet
The Benefits of Owning a Pet

It is a well-researched area: owning a pet can have many positive benefits, particularly for those living on their own. If you are interested in the mental health angle, take a look at: https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/a-to-z/p/pets-and-mental-health. Not only older people will enjoy having a trusted dog, cat or rabbit to keep them company – children can learn empathy from looking after animals, and those who are shy will enjoy sharing pet photos. There is no reason why these advantages should only be available to those who own their home.

Benefits to Landlords

Happy tenants will stay in a property for longer, so in terms of security and not having to re-let the home, it pays to be a popular landlord and allow tenants to keep pets. The other advantage can be that tenants are willing to pay a higher deposit for the privilege of keeping a pet in the property. Landlords can get help with management issues and making their property pet-friendly by investing in property inventory software.

Rent to a Pet Owner
Disadvantages to Landlords

Legislation will soon be passed which will mean that landlords will no longer be able to charge a higher deposit to pet owners.

In addition, some tenants are not as responsible as they should be and can allow their pets to cause damage to property. If furnishings are included, tenants must be vigilant about not allowing animals to scratch and soil them. Dogs can be very strong and destructive. Even if tenants agree to pay for damage between lettings, there is a cost to the landlord in terms of time for cleaning and repairs to take place. This is a time when good property inventory software can make the process smoother, answering the question of why would I use property inventory software.

At all stages of the process, for landlords interested in helping tenants to achieve a better life balance, the RSPCA can help and advise – for instance, they have devised sample letter templates to send to tenants. In addition, they will be able to help when it comes to deciding what kind of animal is suitable for the property.

We suggest having a restriction that hang together for the property size. It’s not usual for tenants to have more than two pets, so this won’t be a problem in most conditions. You also require chasing city laws for how many animals you can have in homes. This is up to you and what you’re agreeable with. We suggest inquiring queries and meeting the dog to consider if the pet’s nature is a pretty fit. Going uniquely depend on breed is frequently not correct for every dog. There are many affable dogs that are frequently differentiated against depend on breed. We suggest conversing with your tenant about the condition. If there is another home for the pet to live at, or if the pet is only staying for a time being, you might be able to work around the condition.